Jeanie Coy Auseon - Mixed Media Artist

Artist Statement


Jeanie Coy Auseon, Ph.D.

Mixed Media 2-D Artist



I have made art in one-way- or-another my entire life. Art-making challenges me to stretch my boundaries and brings me joy. For many years, I was an art teacher and advocate for Fine Arts programs in K-12 education. Teaching and advocacy were the artforms in which I invested my creativity, time, and energy during my years in education.  

In retirement I’ve “come home” to my personal art-making. I currently experiment with various forms of mixed media.  Over the years, my work has evolved from realistic to multi-layered abstract images. I seek to communicate universal themes and personal reflections in artistic ways.  My studio is named "Delene" Studio after my parents, Dean and Arlene Coy;  forever in my heart and art.

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