Jeanie Coy Auseon - Mixed Media Artist







Jeanie Coy Auseon

Permanent Art Collection, James Cancer Hospital



Carnegie Gallery, 2nd floor, Main Library

May 9-June 23

  Columbus, OH


     The "Reflections" Exhibit features artworks by former and current patients and staff of the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute in addition to selected pieces from the James Art Program Permanent Collection.

      I'm honored that this 2010 artwork, part of the James Cancer Hospital's Permanent Art Collection, was included in the current "Reflections" Exhibit. This piece was originally created for the 2010 "Courage Unmasked" Exhibition in Columbus, OH.  All artists participating in the 2010 exhibition created artworks incorporating radiation masks used by actual patients in the  treatment of head and neck cancers.  In collaboration with Dr. Itzhak Brook, a cancer survivor, I altered a mask, and used words from his 2009 book, "A Physician's Personal Experience with Throat Cancer."

     This piece also honors my twin brother, Dr. Jim Coy, a survivor of multiple throat and neck cancers. 











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