Jeanie Coy Auseon - Mixed Media Artist




I am inspired by the unexpected and complex images that emerge from layering media.  Such interactions free me from the intent to produce literal images - (often a goal in past work).  My art is intuitive, process-driven and labor-intensive. Unorthodox explorations with media and techniques provides endless combinations of images.  This process of art-making is unpredictable, spontaneous, and feeds my imagination.


Reently I have been experimenting with a  medium new to me - Oil Paints and Cold Wax Medium on paper or wood panels.  This medium reminds me of working with dyes and various forms of resist on silk and canvas - a medium I enjoyed working with  for 10 years.  The oil paint and cold wax medium is very "forgiving", which I appreciate as I'm a true novice with the techniques and media.  The challenge of working in unfamiliar ways has been a needed distraction from all that's currently going on in the world.    I think my most contented days are the ones in which I have made art in one form or another.

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